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We are representing various well-known companies which offer the following products:

Venator, Germany Tio2 fibers and Food, Functional additives
Schill+Seilacher, Germany Spin Finish Oil, Textile Chemicals
Sossna GmbH, Germany Spinnerets and Spares
Gabriel Chemie, Austria Color Master batches for plastics
Ingredia Functional Milk and Whey Powders, Milk Proteins
IKV, Germany Black specialty Master batch for Polyester fiber Additive Master batch for BOPET
Parker, UK Filtration systems for PET
Mahr Metering, Germany Spinning Pumps
Condio, Germany Food stabilizer systems (Dairy, Meat)
Raj Plastochem, India Process aids for PP/PE & PVC
Holland Colours Europe B.V. Master Batches (Holcobatch - Holcomer)

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